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Lacy Hunter : Google

I stopped in at midnight after a long busy shift at work. HANGRY and almost falling asleep standing up. The gentleman working was very friendly. Thorough and made sure my sandwich was perfect not just haphazardly thrown together. It was delicious. And his customer service was excellent. His work area was clean and he made sure to use the freshest veggies possible. The little things are appreciated

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Mister E : Google

Finally tried the Ol Fashioned Diner called the Huddle House. As always the negative first, it was quite dirty and service was very slow, like, we were there for an hour and a half(they did have signs saying they were short staffed and I understand that) We went at 11am, only about 5 seated tables, so don't really know what took so long, but we were patient. The food was great! Prices were excellent for the amount of food you got. In these absurd times i'd love to go back if things ever get back to normal. My wife ordered the ranch, for 12$ you get a ton of food main dish is country fried steak. I ordered the patty melt w/ fries, okra, and mac N cheese, was very good for 12$!

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Kimberlie Currier : Google

This store is hit and miss. It all depends on the employees at the time. Our last visit was excellent. We went a couple of times and a girl named Linda was working and she was nasty and dirty. We swore we weren't going back. But we did. Our last visit was excellent. Sometimes the food is excellent, sometimes not. Sometimes they have what we want, sometimes they are out of what we want. This inconsistency is why I rated it 3 stars. We have been going off and on to this location for 14 years now and it's always hit or miss.

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Jay Miller : Google

Absolutely love the atmosphere inside, out on the covered patio, and the outer uncovered patio. I had the pork rinds to start with the jalapeno sauce. Awesome. Beware, enough for at least 3 people. Followed it up with the chicken fried steak (good amount of gravy and seasoning), mashed potatoes and green beans. Yuengling on tap so, yes please. Caramel cheesecake to go, super rich, which I like. Certainly will be back.

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Delwin Goss : Google

One of the best chicken fried steaks I've had in a while. Good prices. Great service and a friendly waitress. Who could ask for more?

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